Ribbon Hero 2

Some people already had lots of fun at work using Ribbon Hero for Office or the update. Well here is Ribbon Hero 2: Clippy’s second chance. It is a fun way to learn and discover how to work with Office programs and the ribbon control.

Download it & enjoy, because you can always learn more! 😉

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Word Web App vs. Google Documents

People expect existing documents from their desktops to look exactly the same
when shared in the cloud. In this demo, you will see completely different
results when the same document is viewed using Word Web App vs. Google

Poor Google… even watermarks are removed from google docs.

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twtdict: word definitions, anytime, anywhere

With the help of @tijsverkoyen:

twtdict New! twtdict replies will now be sent “via twtdict”! Fancy! Much thanks to @tijsverkoyen and his Twitter oAuth class! Exclamation point!


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Game: Ribbon Hero update

A while ago I made a little post about Ribbon Hero, a game for Microsoft Office to discover new features and functionalities within the Ribbon.

Today I was surprised with a nice popup when opening Word 2007 (I know I should test Office 2010 :o) :

Go update your Ribbon Hero! It was already downloaded 67,764 times!

Please be so kind to give the team feedback, because it’s just a prototype 😉 .

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