Speech recognition breakthrough for the spoken, translated word

Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough via machine translation that converts his spoken English words into computer-generated Chinese language. The breakthrough is patterned after deep neural networks and significantly reduces errors in spoken as well as written translation.

Watch it completely. At the end there is also something cool 😉

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ActiveMesa MathSharp: convert your math to code

Have you ever had to convert a formula in a Word document to code? Ever wished that it could somehow be automated? With MathSharp, this is possible!


MathSharp is a program for automatic conversion of math equations from MathML (produced by programs such as Word or MathType) into code in languages such as C# or F#.

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Word of the day


The spontaneous cooperation of a group of people to organize information into categories; the practice and method of collaboratively creating and managing tags to annotate and categorize content; a user-generated taxonomy. A folksonomy is reflective of the culture and language of the community that uses it.

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