Skype and Windows Live Messenger are coming together

Skype and Windows Live Messenger are coming together. Update to Skype, sign in with your Messenger ID and your contact list and the IM feature will be there.

Find out more here:

Download the new Skype update and move from Windows Live Messenger (WLM, a.k.a. MSN) to Skype:

Windows Live Essentials (Messenger) 2011 Released!

I had the beta version before and now I have installed the full Essentials 2011 which have been just released.

If you are using the new Windows Live Messenger (WLM aka MSN) it can be a bit confusing and you could get a “WOW WTF IS THIS?!”-moment. Don’t worry there is a button on the upper right corner that will change the look back to the old style, without all the social stuff:


Download Live Essentials 2011
(it’s possible that the website above is still showing you the beta version, just wait and try again some time later)

Download Live Essentials 2011 (Offline installer)

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Windows Live, ICE, Office, … updates

Whoho! Microsoft is currently updating it’s Live services with Wave 4. The Web Services are live now! Not only is Live getting some huge updates, the Bing Maps platform has got some new features, new Windows Phone 7 announcements were made, Bing was presented yesterday on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch included on Safari (for PC Γ‘nd Mac), etc…

Check out the new

word web app office live

skydrive word document

See your documents on your mobile phone:

A new profile page with better privacy settings, social network integration, etc…

profile live privacy

A new Web Messenger, you don’t have to use that crappy e-buddy again!

live header

SkyDrive upload made easier:

Explore the new things yourself at! I guess there will be more new features in the coming days/weeks.

P.S.: There is a new version of Microsoft ICE released yesterday πŸ˜‰ (See also: What is ICE?)

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Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

(Images from

Looks great πŸ™‚

Windows Live updates

I just took two screen shots from Web Messenger in my hotmail account.

This Web Messenger is part of Live Wave 4, an update to the Microsoft Live services and programs.

You also might have seen that the Live sign-in design has changed a little bit and that Windows Live Messenger (WLM) recently added some extra functionality (group improvements):

Now it’s waiting for the full Wave 4 update, which includes a new Windows Live Messenger, new Windows Live Photo Gallery extra’s, etc..

I really start to like the Live series. I use the Live Photo Gallery myself as default photo viewer. It supports stitching pictures (very handy!!) and tagging friends (just like Facebook!).

Example of stitching two pictures together:

( select 2 or more images you want to stitch and select the stitching from the menu )

Example of tagging somebody:

( View a photo and select “Info” from the top menu )


SkyDrive gives you 25GB free online storage. You can store your music, pictures, documents online. (Very useful at school, trust me!)

Even writing blog posts is so easy with Live Writer.

Btw, also check out the Office Live Workspace. πŸ˜‰

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