Windows 7 and customers

I think Microsoft is really going in the right direction these days.

See it:

Also have a look on how the Customer Support has evolved at Microsoft.

Having troubles with your pc? Fix it!  Stuck with a problem? Go ask your question to the community! 😉

Apple and the lame Microsoft bashing ads


I’m sure you have seen it already. For those who didn’t it’s here.

I really don’t know what’s in the mind of Steve Jobs but the ads are getting boring. We can understand that you are getting scared of the pretty darn good Windows 7, but still… why all the bashing?

If you look at the ads, the only thing you see and hear is some bashing on Microsoft. The only thing Apple is telling about their product is something about “#1 customer satisfaction”. Number 1, that made me lauch, really!

But seriously now: Apple disappointed me with the new ads. At first they were funny, now it looks like they are so desperate to sell their own products.

Sorry Apple, I’m a PC and 100% satisfied! 🙂

Windows 8?

It looks like Microsoft is already developing their new OS, Windows 8. Windows 7 is not yet officially released and I already found something which could indicate that Microsoft is sharing information on Windows 8 with some companies.

I could be wrong but take a look at the screenshot that I took yesterday (19/10/2009):

windows 8 vmware

Does VMWare know more about Windows 8?

Oh before I forget: Get yourself Windows 7, it’s so smooth!