MapCruncher: Floorplans from Visio and Photosynth on Bing Maps

Read more about this here and here.

MapCruncher beta for Bing Maps is available for download.

(Wouldn’t this be nice to add your office or your school building on such a map? It’s a modern way of ‘guiding’ people through your building and showing off all the cool labs 😉 )

[ source ] [ source2 ]

I Love Errors #10

A big fail list today 🙂

It looks like Twitter and Lockerz are failing so much :).

“clubbing-wrong-use-of-checkbox.PNG”, a perfect example from where they should use a radio button instead of a check box! was down after a Dutch political person uploaded that Mohamed cartoon to that site, even dropbox was down for a few minutes!

Looks like there is no hotmail support for twitter?

A strange google ad spotted on PwrShell.

Traffic meter from deredactie failed when it snowed in Belgium :’).

Strange that was still unused.


Welcome to 2010, it keeps on failing! 😀