PointStreamer is a Kinect application that lets you capture, edit, and share 3D videos, or PointStreams. These are not just fixed point-of-view 3D videos like you would see in a movie theater today — they contain real 3D information that lets you get a new perspective on that moment in time. You can capture a PointStream with Kinect and then fly a virtual camera through the scene as it plays back.

3D PointStreams are more real than regular 2D video. They let you step into a moment and relive it. You can see a point in time and space from a new point of view. You don’t have to worry about camera angles anymore. As long as you get the subject in frame, you can figure out the best way to present the subject later, during the editing process.

More info at http://www.pointstreamer.com/

Ricoh the largest European ‘facewall’

This evening (2013-03-08) at the Ricoh Netherlands HQ !

More information on http://www.ricoh.nl/over-ricoh/nieuws/2013/nieuw-hoofdkantoor-ricoh-krijgt-letterlijk-een-gezicht.aspx or via @RicohNL


Software Enables Avatar to Reproduce Our Emotion in Real Time

A virtual character produces the same facial expressions as its user. It makes a video game, chat, or an animated film both fun and fast. Faceshift, an EPFL spin-off, launches its software on the market today. http://www.faceshift.com