Waze: way to go

A screenshots from the Livemap:

When I look at my region on the maps, they still need a lot of data!

Oh you can check out the source code. 🙂

This project has potential, looks awazing 😉

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(Thanks to @sevalo for the tip)


Windows Live Essentials Beta screenshots

Here some screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger beta (WLM). People are still calling it MSN. Also a screenshot of the new Windows Live Writer beta and the Bing bar. There is more to talk about but I guess these are most interesting for you at this moment.  You can check the other software like Windows Live Movie Maker, Sync.. yourself.


The new Messenger has some new options Like: sending Video Messages, set a chat-windows ‘always on top’, etc…
A very very very useful option: ‘appear offline for this user’ 😀 😀

Update 2:

Added a new screenshot

The setup, configuring some things (after install):




Sign in:


The new Windows Live Messenger Beta (tabpage me):


Tabbed conversations (no 10000 open chat-windows anymore):


Follow everything in WLM (Facebook, MySpace, WordPress…):


In case you were wondering: You can still have the regular ‘compact view‘ for Messenger by clicking the switch button:

Smooth, fast way to update your status, the Windows 7 way:

Windows Live Writer Beta:

Bing bar in FireFox:

wle beta bing bar

New smileys:

Smile Winking smile Smile with tongue out Open-mouthed smile Surprised smile Red heart Thumbs up Thumbs down Red lips Green with envy Angel BoyE-mailCall meBroken heartLight bulbClockCameraDevil Eye rolling smile Be right back etc…

Download the new Windows Live Messenger yourself!

Important Note: because this is a Beta the Windows Live Essentials pack installs all the software (Sync, Bing bar, Live Messenger, Live Writer, …) If you only want to download en test one program select ‘Choose which programs to install’  (‘Kies de gewenste programma’s’) near the Download button on the website.
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Windows 7, you just made my day

Short history: I have some memory card slots in my laptop and the drivers never worked. Not in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Suddenly I received an alert from the Action Center telling me that there is an old driver available that has been updated.

action center windows 7


So I downloaded this driver just by clicking the link (didn’t have to search in the jungle of Acer drivers on their site).

thanks windows 7

And here is the result:

thanks windows 7 p2


thanks windows 7 p3

Thanks Windows 7! Without this automatic check I would never have known that there was an old updated driver version available.

I really tried all drivers available for my laptop and they never worked or were not compatible. So I gave up on this and said to myself “ah, not so bad it’s only one memory card slot that doesn’t work”. But hey! now it works (after 4 years?) :D  😀

P.S.: Thanks Acer for fixing and updating that old driver 😉