Speech recognition breakthrough for the spoken, translated word

Chief Research Officer Rick Rashid demonstrates a speech recognition breakthrough via machine translation that converts his spoken English words into computer-generated Chinese language. The breakthrough is patterned after deep neural networks and significantly reduces errors in spoken as well as written translation.

Watch it completely. At the end there is also something cool 😉

Translate by Bing for Windows Phone

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Translator service update

For those that didn’t notice it: the Bing Translate or Microsoft Translator service has been updated.

There is also a mobile version available:

And if you didn’t know: you can do some basic translations inside Bing (non beta versions):

Enjoy 😉

Collaborative Translations (Technology Preview) and more..

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Get your invitation for the Collaborative Translations Technology Preview now.

Very handy widget. Could be attractive for foreign website visitors (and for your website traffic ;)). The service is called Microsoft Translator (but often goes under the name of Bing Translator).

For example: A live demo could be found on the website Livebetas.net (on the right site of the page).

Oh by the way do you know this feature on Bing:

Search query: Translate I Love you

♥ Bing 😀

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