Compact ROR hydropower generator

Compact ROR hydropower generator for use in rivers and streams

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CU-RTC-Web: Customizable, Ubiquitous Real Time Communication over the Web

Real-Time Media and Peer-to-Peer Transport API

Unofficial Draft 10 August 2012

This specification describes a proposal to bring real-time communications  capabilities to web browsers. It addresses four critical requirements:  it is designed to honor the key tenets of the web architecture, it supports  a customizable response to changing network quality, ubiquitous deployability  on existing network infrastructure, and flexibility in supporting popular  media formats and codecs, as well as openness to future innovation.

An API is described for sourcing and terminating streams of real-time media  in a browser. The API provides a means of describing how media streams are  serialized into a stream of RTP packets or deserialized from a stream of  packets.

The API is structed in two sections: Real-Time Media Streaming and Real-Time,  Peer-to-Peer Transport.

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Real time World Cup 2010 traffic monitor


World Cup 2010_1276155290518

The 2010 World Cup is shaping up to be a major Internet milestone event, with billions of fans relying on the Internet for live and on-demand games, news, scores, and highlights of the most watched sporting event in the world. Whether it’s watching live streams of the game in HD video or the ability to share stories, photos, and memories at an unprecedented global scale, fans will experience the World Cup like never before.
This tool monitors real time traffic to the global broadcasters delivering traffic over Akamai’s network.

Check it out! This will be fun to watch the following days 😉

Thanks for the tip @pieter557

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