Patternry: create, share and organize design pattern libraries

Patternry keeps your User Interface design patterns, components and code snippets in one place. It helps designers, developers and others communicate and design great User Experiences.

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Microsoft a social networking site for students

It looks like project Socl/ is finally gone live: (pronounced “social”) is an experimental research project, developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning.

Great to see that it uses Montage.

Read more about Socl.
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Google Schemer (beta)

The beginning of everything worth doing.
Whether it’s exploring a new city, checking out a friend’s movie recommendations, or just finding new activities for your weekends, Schemer lets you discover new things to do, share schemes with friends, and make the most of your day.

Another facebook-killer attempt?

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Tag my doc

So, how does this replace sharing documents via email or sharepoint? They have to scan the code first. How do they receive the code? 🙂
This would only work in an environment where you have contact with other persons in real life.
Kind of useless, isn’t it?

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