Bing Seeds: New Experiences in Search

This project explores ways for people to experience search that are complementary to fast, relevant search in response to queries.  In particular, these concepts focus on new ways to spend time, rather than save time on the Web.

Bing introduces Linked Pages (beta)

Help your Facebook friends find the real you when they search on Bing, and help them show up better, too!

You can decide how you look on Bing. Link search results pages about you – and your friends – so others can easily find you on Bing.

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Select the index of a specific object via LINQ

This will search for the index of an object in a collection depending on a specific criteria.
When the object is not found in the collection, it will return an index with value -1.

string searchValue = "d";
List<string> items = new List<string>() { "a", "b", "c", "d", "e" };

int foundIndex = items.Select((x, i) => new { x, i })
.Where(x => x.x == searchValue)
.Select(x => x.i)

// specific code for LINQPad

The result will be 3, because “d” has index 3 in the collection.

Using Maps to find a location

Having troubles trying to search an address with the Maps application on the Windows Phone?

The documentation on the website is very good and clean, but searching a location doesn’t work if you only have two buttons: “show your location” and “search”. The “search” button just redirects you to Bing search instead of the location search of the Maps application.

In order to get the “get directions” working, make it visible and activate the map search (instead of Bing search) you have to check your Location.

First check your settings:

  1. From Start, flick left to the Applications list, then press Settings.
  2. Go to region & language.
  3. Scroll down to Browser & search language.
  4. Make sure the language is set to English (United States).

Now if you open the Maps application you will see three buttons instead of two and the search button will now not redirect to the regular Bing search.

I hope @JoeBelfiore and @Bing read this. Some people do actually live outside the US, Belgium for example.

Project Tuva

Microsoft Research’s Project Tuva explores core scientific concepts and theories through presenting timeless videos with its new enhanced Video Player featuring searchable video, linked transcripts, notes, and interactive extras.

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