The Agent Smartwatch: a .NET watch

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Kinect Fusion Coming to Kinect for Windows

Kinect Fusion was first developed as a research project at the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, U.K.  As soon as the Kinect for Windows community saw it, they began asking us to include it in our SDK. Now, I’m happy to report that the Kinect for Windows team is, indeed, working on incorporating it and will have it available in a future release.

Yeah! 🙂

More info:

Kinect SDK Beta

Download the Kinect SDK Beta (x86) (x64)



Check out the Quickstarts for Kinect SDK!
See also Kinect for Windows SDK Quickstarts from Channel 9.

More information on the Microsoft Research project website.

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Bing Maps Android SDK

The Bing Maps Android SDK is a base project that can be used to help developers
create mapping applications using Microsoft’s Bing Maps. This is written in Java
and built using the Bing Maps AJAX v7 control.

This SDK consists of a set
of libraries and assets that can be used to create Bing Maps applications. These
libraries are put together into a sample application which you can either use as
a base for your application or as a guide to create your own from scratch.

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Microsoft Expression Blend SDK for Windows Phone 7

Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone SDK enables support for the same streamlined development workflow for Windows Phone that was previously only available for Silverlight and .NET applications, including features such as behaviors and the visual state manager.

Download the Expression Blend Software Development Kit for Windows Phone 7 here!

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