Ricoh Print&Share: save time and money


Print&Share is a multi-functional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

These videos below show how you can save a lot of money (and time) by using the Eco features of Print&Share. The application can automatically remove white spaces in documents or recognize blocks of content that you want to remove.

Removing white space from documents:

Dynamically remove content:

More videos available at:

This application allows you also to extract information from documents and save them as XML, set recognition triggers, upload to FTP, email, FAX, create PDF/A documents, add watermarks/barcodes/text/images/.., insert extra pages, …

A must-have, unique application that has an incredible amount of features.

More information:


Do it quick and smooth

Speed-peel a potato:

Quick-peel an egg:

Quick-peel a banana:

Quick-dry nail polish:

Speed-tie your shoes:

Instant sand removal:

Fast-pour ketchup:

Instant baby soothe:

Turbo parking:

Speedy sorbet:

Instant shirt removal:

2-minute soda chill:

Tangle-free cord wrap:

Quick-pop a bottle cap: