SKULLY AR-1: Rebel Innovation

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Skully Creative Director- Robert Gomez Hernandez
Executive Producer & Co Director- Marty Eli Schwartz
Director of Photography- Stephan Von Bjorn
1st Assistant Director – Julian Brain
Cameras by Radiant Images-Mike Mansouri
1st Assistant Camera- James Rydings
2nd Assistant Camera- Sarah Galley
Camera Car- Jack Carpenter of Camera Cars
Camera Bike- Dan Wynands of Action Trax
Key Grip-Joel Jaspin
Sound Recordist – Rob Nokes of Sound Dog Productions
Sound Design – Jamie Branquinho, Chase Keehn, James LeBrecht of Berkeley Sound Artists
Craft Service – Kit & Kaboodle
Personal Assistants – Brendon Lee, Will Giovacchini, Ines Chan, Virginia VanGrossi
Medic-Cindy Swartz

Stunt Coordinator/ Motorcycle Driver : Courtney Schwartz
Motorcycle Drivers:
Daryl Davis
Ron Bartells
Jen Caputo
Joe Bucaro
Jef Groff
Robert Gomez Hernandez
Barry Munsterteiger

Motorcycles by – Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Bartel’s Harley Davidson

Runno: foursquare for sports

Runno is a game played using a mobile app and on a website
By using a mobile app during outdoor activities of running, cycling, rollerblading (more activity modes will be added) you earn points or the currency of Runno called Walluta, and each calorie burnt will earn you 7 Wallutas. At the same time, you have the possibility of claiming areas and building your own Kingdom. To claim an area, you walk, run or bike around that.
Needs a Windows Phone app. *hint* 🙂

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Thread-safe event raising

Normally you would write this to make a temporary copy of your event in case something happend with SomeEvent:

EventHandler tmp = SomeEvent;

if (tmp != null) tmp(this, EventArgs.Empty);

Well you might consider this code below according to Jeffrey Richter his CLR via C# book.
The code above can cause some trouble because a compiler might optimize this code and remove the temporary copy of your event (depends on the implementation of the compiler).

EventHandler tmp = Interlocked.CompareExchange(ref SomeEvent, null, null);

if (tmp != null) tmp(this, e);

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