I Love Errors #10

A big fail list today 🙂

It looks like Twitter and Lockerz are failing so much :).

“clubbing-wrong-use-of-checkbox.PNG”, a perfect example from clubbing.com where they should use a radio button instead of a check box!

pvv.nl was down after a Dutch political person uploaded that Mohamed cartoon to that site, even dropbox was down for a few minutes!

Looks like there is no hotmail support for twitter?

A strange google ad spotted on PwrShell.

Traffic meter from deredactie failed when it snowed in Belgium :’).

Strange that wikipedia.ca was still unused.


Welcome to 2010, it keeps on failing! 😀

Adding a cool search box to your website

I recently discovered that PwrShell.net added a search box to their website:

I need to say that I’m pretty surprised by the results and they way they show you the search box.

Google just redirects you to a new page but by surprise I got a nice web 2.0 result popup. Cool! 😀 Pretty clean from the guys at Bing.com.

Here is the result:

After some research I found out that you can implement this search box on your own website. Just go to www.bing.com/siteowner (Settings in upper right corner to United States, otherwise you will see that the page doesn’t exist!!). Follow the instructions there and have fun!

By clicking the “Try your search box” you can preview the bing search box how it would look on your site.

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