See the updates at the bottom…

After a sucky countdown timer:

Where is my download now? I can see in the CSS that there are download button images:

But no download link…. fake? hoax?


Update 1:


Reading twitter:

“Due to a circumstances ‘the knight in shining armour’ lost his horse and will arrive late at his appointment. #paladin

Update 2:

So it’s a campaign for IE8… (url)

Update 3:

Update 4:

Inderdaad, er is geen Paladin en dus ook geen eerste Belgische browser. Maar in plaats daarvan bieden we je wel met enige trots (opnieuw) Internet Explorer 8 aan, de laatste nieuwe telg van Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Wij zijn er van overtuigd dat IE8 klaar is om opnieuw pionierswerk te gaan verrichten voor internetgebruikers die streven naar een optimale beleving op het web. Maar je hoeft ons uiteraard niet te geloven: download hem nu en beslis zelf!

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I Love Errors #10

A big fail list today 🙂

It looks like Twitter and Lockerz are failing so much :).

“clubbing-wrong-use-of-checkbox.PNG”, a perfect example from where they should use a radio button instead of a check box! was down after a Dutch political person uploaded that Mohamed cartoon to that site, even dropbox was down for a few minutes!

Looks like there is no hotmail support for twitter?

A strange google ad spotted on PwrShell.

Traffic meter from deredactie failed when it snowed in Belgium :’).

Strange that was still unused.


Welcome to 2010, it keeps on failing! 😀

Paladin: a new browser

Browse safer and smoother than ever before with Paladin, the brand new browser from Belgian software company Hocus Pocus. Although this young and ambitious browser still has to establish a reputation for itself, many are confident that Paladin is perfectly equipped to cross blades with big names such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Let’s hope they make Bing their default search engine héhé.

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