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Europe, what about Chrome OS?

I’m just making a quick thought public.

Microsoft had problems with the European Union (EU) about their operating system Windows and its browser Internet Explorer (IE).

What about Google and Chrome OS? Google has its own browser, Chrome, and now they have their own operating system called Chrome OS. Promoting a ‘modified version’ of its browser? Capable of spreading it around the world with their search engine that dominates almost the whole world. Could be something dangerous…

Oh I forgot to mention: “What about Apple and its Safari?” or Firefox that is gaining more market share every day…

Europe, you annoyed Microsoft already, please do the same with Google.


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Windows 8?

It looks like Microsoft is already developing their new OS, Windows 8. Windows 7 is not yet officially released and I already found something which could indicate that Microsoft is sharing information on Windows 8 with some companies.

I could be wrong but take a look at the screenshot that I took yesterday (19/10/2009):

windows 8 vmware

Does VMWare know more about Windows 8?

Oh before I forget: Get yourself Windows 7, it’s so smooth!