Ribbon Hero

Office labs introduced a new way of improving your Office skills.

Try out Ribbon Hero!

Watch another video on how they made Ribbon Hero (Channel 9 video).

Well I should say: try it out and give the office labs team some feedback like I already did.

Don’t forget: it is still a prototype so be kind ;).

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Outlook 2010 conversations

A quick look on conversations in Outlook 2010 (beta version):

Video 1:

Video 2:

It looks a bit like Google Wave, but there is only one difference: it will be used. 🙂

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Make Office Better is closed

The website Make Office Better, created with the idea to get feedback and ideas about Microsoft Office products has closed its doors.

The makeofficebetter.com idea list is now closed. I’d like to thank the thousands of you who took the time to submit your ideas. It’s exciting to see how many people are passionate about Office! Luke and I were excited and honestly, unprepared for the amount of traffic the site generated. We now have more ideas than the two of us could ever evangelize and I have to admit, we’re a little overwhelmed with all of the suggestions we’ve received.

What now?
Luke and I are going back to our day jobs but you can continue to ask questions, provide feedback and help make Office a better product. Here’s a couple of ways you can stay involved:

Thanks for all your suggestions, Steve & Luke

Maybe this means that Office 2010 is kinda ready 🙂

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