Just bought myself an XBox 360 (250GB) + Kinect + my first game: MTV Dance Central.

Here i’m learning some very very basic moves in the break-it-down mode. They learn you every move step my step.

Watch me:

Part 2 from the first lesson 😀 :


So much fun! 😀

PS: I’m playing the Easy level 😛

XBOX + Kinect: Kinectimals, Halo, Dance Central, …

Microsoft announced today the XBOX 360 + Kinect.


During the presentation a little girl came on stage and she played with an animal. It looked so real but trust me this is going to be a score for little kids (and maybe for some big little kids also 😉 )!

The fitness game:

Halo: Reach:

MTV Dance Central: (this one will be huge!)

sorry sound missing but looks good:

This was an some guy who was breakdancing during a game (on a prototype of Project Natal, now called Kinect):

Video chat:

Forza Motorsport:

Many more things games and applications were announced 🙂

Awesome, XBOX + Kinect will be huge! 😀 Video chats, connected to Windows Phone, Zune integration, Movies, Gaming, instant sharing via Facebook (and many other social networks), etc… 😀

#iwant !

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I Love Errors #8

Todays list includes big names: MTV, Ricoh, Soundcloud, Wikipedia, Oracle, etc…

Never stop failing! 😀

Update: NMBS added.