Arc Touch Mouse

Hello Arc Touch Mouse!

The mouse comes with two batteries, a manual, product guide, a usb tranceiver and the Arc Touch Mouse itself.

As you can see on the picture above, the transceiver is attached at the bottom of the mouse via a magnet. If you travel you just flatten your mouse and put the usb tranceiver at the bottom.

There is no scroll wheel on the mouse, but if you scroll you will feel a little vibration which generates the same feeling of scrolling with a normal mouse wheel. Because it is a touch mouse you can do some extra things with it: tapping at the bottom or top of the touch area is the same as page up or page down. You can also double-tap in the middle of the touch area to generate a middle-click. Double-tapping the middle section and holding your finger on that spot does the middle drag. There is also a difference when you scroll hard or soft.

The mouse is turned off (and ready to travel):

The mouse is turned on (and ready to use):

You have to get used to it, especially when you want to use the tapping for page up/page down functions, but if feels much better than my ‘normal’ mouse.

I’d say it is really a mouse that you should try. If you travel a lot and you have a laptop this mouse really doesn’t take any space!

More information on the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse.