Leonar3do: Inside 3D Printing 2013 NYC

This is Daniel Ratai of Leonar3do International, who invented Leonardo device that allows 3D modelers to easily create 3D models. Hailing from Hungary, this young fella shows how making a 3D modeling does not have to be an arduous task.
For more info, check out www.leonar3do.com


CoDAC: Compressive Depth Acquisition Camera

CoDAC is a new time-of-flight based range measurement system for acquiring depth maps of piecewise-planar scenes with high spatial resolution using a single, omnidirectional, time-resolved photodetector and no scanning components. In contrast with the 2D laser scanning used in LIDAR systems and low-resolution 2D sensor arrays used in TOF cameras, CoDAC demonstrates that it is possible to build a non-scanning range acquisition system with high spatial resolution using only a standard, commercially-available, low-cost photodetector and spatial light modulator.

Kinect for the mobile phone!

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3DVIA Shape for Maps (beta)

I wanted to explore Bing Maps 3D. So I went to Bing Maps, clicked the 3D view button and installed the 3D viewer:

During the installation:

After this I had an option to actually participate in the 3D Experience and create my own 3D Models. This could be done via the 3DVIA Shape for Maps (beta) tool.

I took a screenshot of the environment where you can create your models (see below). You have to explore the other things yourself 😉

Let’s make some 3D! 😉

Download 3DVIA Shape for Maps (beta)

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