1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + … = -1/12


PSY curve

psy curve

x(t) = ((-25/37 sin(58/37-4 t)+809/54 sin(t+11/7)+9/19 sin(2 t+108/23)+17/23 sin(3 t+49/31)+11/12 sin(5 t+107/68)-17/27) theta(71 pi-t) theta(t-67 pi)+(-6/49 sin(39/25-8 t)-3/32 sin(39/25-7 t)-2/11 sin(64/41-6 t)-107/68 sin(36/23-2 t)-228/31 sin(69/44-t)+17/36 sin(3 t+11/7)+11/49 sin(4 t+113/24)+1/63 sin(5 t+29/19)+1091/31) theta(67 pi-t) theta(t-63 pi)+(35/8 sin(t+11/7)+15/23 sin(2 t+52/33)+11/30 sin(3 t+11/7)+1/18 sin(4 t+63/40)-556/17) theta(63 pi-t) theta(t-59 pi)+(-104/31 sin(27/41-2 t)+523/45 sin(t+29/25)+40/37 sin(3 t+25/41)+21/17 sin(4 t+121/26)+148/27) theta(59 pi-t) theta(t-55 pi)+(-9/20 sin(13/11-18 t)-9/26 sin(88/63-17 t)-15/41 sin(81/161-15 t)-7/15 sin(25/18-14 t)-59/89 sin(13/34-12 t)-87/38 sin(9/10-6 t)-117/22 sin(23/42-5 t)+582/13 sin(t+64/37)+88/25 sin(2 t+229/49)+1458/47 sin(3 t+48/23)+167/50 sin(4 t+151/50)+135/22 sin(7 t+93/32)+143/102 sin(8 t+100/33)+2/21 sin(9 t+169/47)+41/124 sin(10 t+84/19)+7/39 sin(11 t+147/73)+15/17 sin(13 t+69/17)+6/29 sin(16 t+2/25)+7/43 sin(19 t+57/16)+5/36 sin(20 t+20/53)+225/41) theta(55 pi-t) theta(t-51 pi)+(-22/27 sin(21/19-33 t)-23/28 sin(56/75-32 t)-9/14 sin(18/29-31 t)-32/33 sin(145/109-29 t)-11/23 sin(27/38-28 t)-91/114 sin(26/31-26 t)-47/40 sin(73/55-24 t)-54/53 sin(8/21-21 t)-38/25 sin(65/43-19 t)-108/65 sin(11/17-14 t)-11/27 sin(289/193-9 t)+3415/31 sin(t+65/34)+916/35 sin(2 t+168/41)+85/16 sin(3 t+37/41)+92/35 sin(4 t+107/32)+107/27 sin(5 t+14/31)+47/25 sin(6 t+7/11)+35/12 sin(7 t+49/26)+26/23 sin(8 t+82/21)+48/25 sin(10 t+26/103)+35/38 sin(11 t+23/32)+15/22 sin(12 t+160/41)+285/286 sin(13 t+3/38)+8/19 sin(15 t+336/79)+48/31 sin(16 t+10/3)+122/87 sin(17 t+37/23)+68/31 sin(18 t+1/27)+11/9 sin(20 t+58/21)+49/44 sin(22 t+4)+22/29 sin(23 t+68/53)+1/2 sin(25 t+86/23)+17/37 sin(27 t+148/33)+21/29 sin(30 t+137/30)+12/29 sin(34 t+202/47)+15/34 sin(35 t+10/29)+861/37) theta(51 pi-t) theta(t-47 pi)+(-5/13 sin(9/14-8 t)-33/25 sin(105/106-6 t)-12/61 sin(47/46-5 t)-17/35 sin(6/11-4 t)-617/35 sin(58/41-2 t)+97/24 sin(t+49/11)+93/43 sin(3 t+53/24)+52/69 sin(7 t+19/8)+16/31) theta(47 pi-t) theta(t-43 pi)+(-10/31 sin(55/39-6 t)+708/23 sin(t+53/28)+10/17 sin(2 t+303/70)+201/200 sin(3 t+275/92)+8/15 sin(4 t+129/29)+2/23 sin(5 t+110/41)+18/89 sin(7 t+73/30)+949/15) theta(43 pi-t) theta(t-39 pi)+(-22/41 sin(42/41-5 t)-9/19 sin(11/31-3 t)+1168/41 sin(t+59/37)+13/21 sin(2 t+382/83)+15/29 sin(4 t+105/29)+7/17 sin(6 t+67/19)-2875/47) theta(39 pi-t) theta(t-35 pi)+(-15/19 sin(1/26-14 t)-111/31 sin(7/31-4 t)+3698/39 sin(t+31/20)+135/22 sin(2 t+1/35)+136/11 sin(3 t+71/46)+57/13 sin(5 t+29/19)+22/25 sin(6 t+80/31)+29/40 sin(7 t+212/47)+31/26 sin(8 t+1/31)+55/27 sin(9 t+51/29)+46/31 sin(10 t+3/23)+27/29 sin(11 t+48/47)+5/21 sin(12 t+49/24)+23/40 sin(13 t+11/9)+13/59 sin(15 t+26/37)-15/16) theta(35 pi-t) theta(t-31 pi)+(53/32 sin(t+54/37)+267/26 sin(2 t+239/92)+35/33 sin(3 t+13/34)+8/9 sin(4 t+19/25)+7/15 sin(5 t+17/16)+3/5 sin(6 t+57/22)+15/52 sin(7 t+27/22)+15/49 sin(8 t+28/23)+2/17 sin(9 t+180/77)+3/38 sin(10 t+64/35)+5/34 sin(11 t+35/24)+3/31 sin(12 t+21/22)-5662/43) theta(31 pi-t) theta(t-27 pi)+(-6/25 sin(12/47-9 t)+77/36 sin(t+159/35)+114/11 sin(2 t+37/8)+13/19 sin(3 t+77/41)+11/27 sin(4 t+128/71)+6/11 sin(5 t+191/52)+96/193 sin(6 t+19/11)+3/17 sin(7 t+7/4)+3/17 sin(8 t+6/7)+3/20 sin(10 t+31/43)+4078/31) theta(27 pi-t) theta(t-23 pi)+(-21/64 sin(2/21-7 t)-35/58 sin(29/33-6 t)-5/26 sin(13/19-5 t)+3153/26 sin(t+29/19)+35/27 sin(2 t+67/23)+19/9 sin(3 t+32/7)+3/14 sin(4 t+19/18)-12/7) theta(23 pi-t) theta(t-19 pi)+(-19/30 sin(19/24-16 t)-10/23 sin(41/27-15 t)-66/67 sin(17/21-14 t)-43/42 sin(1/64-13 t)-41/19 sin(16/33-8 t)+28281/404 sin(t+114/31)+756/43 sin(2 t+904/201)+817/41 sin(3 t+25/32)+371/43 sin(4 t+208/45)+80/21 sin(5 t+68/37)+139/52 sin(6 t+31/7)+160/61 sin(7 t+69/43)+37/31 sin(9 t+128/43)+33/67 sin(10 t+14/17)+11/12 sin(11 t+9/4)+13/33 sin(12 t+69/59)+9/44 sin(17 t+96/61)+17/36 sin(18 t+1/40)+5/17 sin(19 t+83/104)+5/18 sin(20 t+7/10)+23/57 sin(21 t+91/29)+5/37 sin(22 t+5/3)+11/30 sin(23 t+177/62)+2/21 sin(24 t+63/17)+9/41 sin(25 t+111/28)+4/33 sin(26 t+159/44)+7/29 sin(27 t+75/28)+2/9 sin(28 t+134/89)+3/20 sin(29 t+80/43)+1/20 sin(30 t+71/30)+4/29 sin(31 t+137/76)+1/53 sin(32 t+34/29)+5/33 sin(33 t+12/5)+4/27 sin(34 t+7/23)+2/29 sin(35 t+28/13)+2302/41) theta(19 pi-t) theta(t-15 pi)+(-20/29 sin(3/25-11 t)-53/25 sin(17/16-7 t)-293/21 sin(17/37-5 t)-853/43 sin(107/71-3 t)+2467/29 sin(t+13/10)+307/9 sin(2 t+85/41)+443/28 sin(4 t+41/24)+127/27 sin(6 t+181/41)+79/33 sin(8 t+74/19)+173/69 sin(9 t+341/146)+17/21 sin(10 t+152/45)+41/31 sin(12 t+110/29)+36/107 sin(13 t+55/14)+27/34 sin(14 t+41/12)+49/30 sin(15 t+26/15)+5/4 sin(16 t+8/15)+13/20 sin(17 t+67/46)+11/12 sin(18 t+31/37)+47/53 sin(19 t+30/19)+35/36 sin(20 t+21/19)+29/37 sin(21 t+47/39)+23/30 sin(22 t+32/23)+29/38 sin(23 t+66/31)+7/11 sin(24 t+42/37)+5/27 sin(25 t+211/49)+5/23 sin(26 t+141/49)+1/6 sin(27 t+113/25)+11/37 sin(28 t+152/83)+10/29 sin(29 t+22/39)+14/69 sin(30 t+17/22)+3/41 sin(31 t+51/31)+7/23 sin(32 t+61/28)+7/39 sin(33 t+38/15)+5/19 sin(34 t+47/18)+1/10 sin(35 t+26/37)+5/24 sin(36 t+171/41)-2471/81) theta(15 pi-t) theta(t-11 pi)+(-9/41 sin(27/25-14 t)-9/16 sin(67/46-12 t)-63/125 sin(26/21-10 t)-4/23 sin(16/43-9 t)-5/13 sin(11/34-8 t)+319/6 sin(t+26/21)+51/28 sin(2 t+58/21)+353/39 sin(3 t+17/20)+23/16 sin(4 t+9/35)+7/2 sin(5 t+101/67)+31/29 sin(6 t+19/33)+2/23 sin(7 t+92/33)+7/23 sin(11 t+31/52)+4/37 sin(13 t+135/47)+2/29 sin(15 t+206/55)+2534/25) theta(11 pi-t) theta(t-7 pi)+(-125/29 sin(53/36-4 t)-845/12 sin(5/29-t)+127/18 sin(2 t+87/44)+334/35 sin(3 t+61/31)+3/8 sin(5 t+95/22)+27/14 sin(6 t+39/32)+8/9 sin(7 t+27/11)+14/9 sin(8 t+131/36)-4169/40) theta(7 pi-t) theta(t-3 pi)+(-17/31 sin(3/16-42 t)-7/20 sin(19/22-39 t)-12/31 sin(48/37-38 t)-17/38 sin(38/61-26 t)-50/29 sin(203/204-25 t)-125/42 sin(1/21-20 t)-34/31 sin(28/33-19 t)-317/32 sin(4/11-10 t)-277/33 sin(53/40-9 t)+2468/19 sin(t+12/25)+1180/21 sin(2 t+142/33)+1501/28 sin(3 t+41/27)+281/39 sin(4 t+41/29)+452/37 sin(5 t+115/57)+725/49 sin(6 t+184/67)+591/52 sin(7 t+52/29)+289/25 sin(8 t+141/53)+107/27 sin(11 t+3/10)+281/46 sin(12 t+104/33)+27/8 sin(13 t+108/35)+15/23 sin(14 t+43/18)+27/25 sin(15 t+10/21)+73/34 sin(16 t+99/35)+349/350 sin(17 t+48/23)+18/19 sin(18 t+137/68)+11/16 sin(21 t+14/41)+28/17 sin(22 t+85/22)+33/53 sin(23 t+4/3)+21/32 sin(24 t+7/3)+91/40 sin(27 t+103/27)+10/7 sin(28 t+58/13)+62/35 sin(29 t+49/25)+41/29 sin(30 t+87/35)+27/29 sin(31 t+13/37)+8/17 sin(32 t+49/48)+14/23 sin(33 t+101/31)+2/25 sin(34 t+26/33)+17/30 sin(35 t+101/41)+11/38 sin(36 t+2/33)+73/97 sin(37 t+28/31)+11/27 sin(40 t+167/111)+11/43 sin(41 t+69/19)+1/37 sin(43 t+43/38)+19/43 sin(44 t+71/17)+10/23 sin(45 t+38/9)-371/61) theta(3 pi-t) theta(t+pi)) theta(sqrt(sgn(sin(t/2))))
y(t) = ((16/35 sin(t+11/7)+56/27 sin(2 t+96/61)+22/27 sin(3 t+52/33)+74/47 sin(4 t+52/33)+13/32 sin(5 t+67/42)+4093/22) theta(71 pi-t) theta(t-67 pi)+(-3/32 sin(61/39-8 t)+341/32 sin(t+11/7)+11/14 sin(2 t+47/10)+23/12 sin(3 t+52/33)+3/20 sin(4 t+53/33)+58/117 sin(5 t+52/33)+3/38 sin(6 t+61/13)+8/41 sin(7 t+58/37)+3055/19) theta(67 pi-t) theta(t-63 pi)+(111/10 sin(t+11/7)+10/29 sin(2 t+202/43)+67/50 sin(3 t+11/7)+1/32 sin(4 t+639/137)+5035/31) theta(63 pi-t) theta(t-59 pi)+(-35/71 sin(4/17-4 t)-35/34 sin(53/52-3 t)+175/36 sin(t+123/44)+83/27 sin(2 t+133/32)+13847/111) theta(59 pi-t) theta(t-55 pi)+(-38/39 sin(19/14-17 t)-13/27 sin(31/22-16 t)-49/39 sin(31/33-13 t)-55/56 sin(4/3-11 t)-76/51 sin(6/29-8 t)+127/35 sin(t+190/67)+1061/78 sin(2 t+61/33)+953/143 sin(3 t+53/16)+48/29 sin(4 t+33/20)+127/26 sin(5 t+317/72)+281/36 sin(6 t+107/39)+48/35 sin(7 t+41/12)+1/8 sin(9 t+3/34)+380/381 sin(10 t+47/26)+27/31 sin(12 t+86/35)+11/32 sin(14 t+10/19)+15/22 sin(15 t+11/27)+2/3 sin(18 t+17/8)+2/29 sin(19 t+181/40)+5/27 sin(20 t+20/13)-14371/74) theta(55 pi-t) theta(t-51 pi)+(-14/27 sin(31/23-35 t)-9/17 sin(23/28-34 t)-5/14 sin(18/13-28 t)-9/23 sin(11/20-27 t)-14/29 sin(33/46-26 t)-59/24 sin(44/31-17 t)-137/73 sin(15/22-16 t)-7/23 sin(7/5-12 t)-137/73 sin(11/19-10 t)-44/31 sin(2/33-9 t)-2708/65 sin(16/21-2 t)-818/31 sin(29/33-t)+435/22 sin(3 t+21/20)+113/24 sin(4 t+124/27)+641/95 sin(5 t+51/31)+61/15 sin(6 t+39/11)+303/76 sin(7 t+275/118)+140/29 sin(8 t+127/29)+51/28 sin(11 t+50/29)+43/40 sin(13 t+67/43)+59/46 sin(14 t+173/99)+67/35 sin(15 t+31/24)+45/22 sin(18 t+67/16)+24/19 sin(19 t+20/9)+3/17 sin(20 t+44/27)+18/31 sin(21 t+49/34)+37/62 sin(22 t+11/15)+13/31 sin(23 t+115/67)+16/37 sin(24 t+22/7)+4/35 sin(25 t+26/33)+4/43 sin(29 t+79/17)+11/37 sin(30 t+383/85)+8/35 sin(31 t+259/97)+9/20 sin(32 t+27/10)+22/37 sin(33 t+26/15)+5589/19) theta(51 pi-t) theta(t-47 pi)+(-101/30 sin(23/15-3 t)+177/19 sin(t+63/38)+73/19 sin(2 t+58/15)+50/33 sin(4 t+51/14)+5/17 sin(5 t+541/135)+29/35 sin(6 t+125/29)+31/52 sin(7 t+181/41)+7/12 sin(8 t+122/35)+3986/25) theta(47 pi-t) theta(t-43 pi)+(-2/25 sin(13/34-7 t)-3/26 sin(9/8-4 t)+430/17 sin(t+6/31)+24/37 sin(2 t+137/35)+50/37 sin(3 t+26/23)+4/45 sin(5 t+268/161)+7/20 sin(6 t+19/6)+8835/43) theta(43 pi-t) theta(t-39 pi)+(-11/50 sin(46/55-5 t)+345/13 sin(t+1/10)+67/41 sin(2 t+90/29)+5/2 sin(3 t+2/19)+39/79 sin(4 t+565/141)+23/42 sin(6 t+67/22)+6008/29) theta(39 pi-t) theta(t-35 pi)+(-21/53 sin(74/73-15 t)-15/22 sin(78/67-14 t)-291/104 sin(1/14-7 t)-4561/456 sin(2/17-t)+107/44 sin(2 t+46/29)+45/22 sin(3 t+128/51)+553/32 sin(4 t+144/31)+25/16 sin(5 t+127/37)+53/30 sin(6 t+129/29)+1/11 sin(8 t+60/31)+36/23 sin(9 t+107/42)+61/37 sin(10 t+141/32)+26/25 sin(11 t+13/45)+7/23 sin(12 t+64/51)+6/23 sin(13 t+113/45)+7673/35) theta(35 pi-t) theta(t-31 pi)+(-4/27 sin(12/17-12 t)-4/15 sin(35/44-10 t)-5/31 sin(4/37-8 t)-10/39 sin(43/65-6 t)+493/19 sin(t+239/54)+7/13 sin(2 t+125/48)+65/16 sin(3 t+95/23)+16/39 sin(4 t+15/41)+5/14 sin(5 t+77/31)+54/163 sin(7 t+181/45)+9/55 sin(9 t+47/19)+4/47 sin(11 t+126/29)+7332/43) theta(31 pi-t) theta(t-27 pi)+(-30/91 sin(3/16-7 t)-20/79 sin(37/28-5 t)+247/11 sin(t+88/23)+23/17 sin(2 t+140/37)+461/123 sin(3 t+55/26)+16/31 sin(4 t+36/11)+50/149 sin(6 t+55/54)+3/34 sin(8 t+212/77)+9/43 sin(9 t+1/25)+5/33 sin(10 t+107/35)+1817/11) theta(27 pi-t) theta(t-23 pi)+(-14/29 sin(99/85-6 t)-1/20 sin(14/15-3 t)-4823/38 sin(1/17-t)+37/31 sin(2 t+101/27)+212/213 sin(4 t+25/17)+14/37 sin(5 t+119/53)+15/44 sin(7 t+13/51)+6158/33) theta(23 pi-t) theta(t-19 pi)+(-5/31 sin(83/82-35 t)-3/26 sin(51/35-33 t)-4/33 sin(22/51-31 t)-5/22 sin(10/23-29 t)-31/61 sin(4/21-17 t)-222/35 sin(21/19-5 t)+2486/43 sin(t+78/17)+684/31 sin(2 t+17/20)+411/32 sin(3 t+49/17)+5/41 sin(4 t+4/27)+61/13 sin(6 t+113/25)+48/25 sin(7 t+39/35)+206/61 sin(8 t+5/23)+11/24 sin(9 t+23/36)+107/106 sin(10 t+5/3)+67/33 sin(11 t+51/23)+41/17 sin(12 t+53/25)+117/34 sin(13 t+50/29)+81/28 sin(14 t+29/28)+43/27 sin(15 t+25/56)+32/37 sin(16 t+5/26)+10/27 sin(18 t+158/43)+34/61 sin(19 t+37/21)+24/49 sin(20 t+31/27)+1/4 sin(21 t+132/79)+11/38 sin(22 t+37/30)+8/31 sin(23 t+119/26)+5/18 sin(24 t+109/34)+4/19 sin(25 t+8/25)+3/23 sin(26 t+25/21)+7/27 sin(27 t+2/19)+4/23 sin(28 t+43/25)+19/75 sin(30 t+43/14)+8/63 sin(32 t+109/24)+1/60 sin(34 t+23/42)-615/34) theta(19 pi-t) theta(t-15 pi)+(-1/23 sin(8/13-33 t)-6/19 sin(337/336-28 t)-1/34 sin(13/34-27 t)-11/16 sin(9/11-24 t)-49/74 sin(34/29-23 t)-41/36 sin(77/78-22 t)-35/27 sin(91/92-21 t)-40/27 sin(57/43-19 t)-1/2 sin(6/49-14 t)-31/34 sin(39/29-11 t)-27/14 sin(53/37-5 t)-79/7 sin(9/29-4 t)-597/20 sin(11/21-t)+823/33 sin(2 t+35/29)+281/17 sin(3 t+170/43)+1805/258 sin(6 t+65/21)+293/55 sin(7 t+102/47)+323/108 sin(8 t+5/6)+20/11 sin(9 t+196/43)+27/29 sin(10 t+89/21)+21/8 sin(12 t+29/22)+103/49 sin(13 t+32/53)+27/25 sin(15 t+83/34)+18/25 sin(16 t+91/31)+55/39 sin(17 t+167/40)+233/232 sin(18 t+99/23)+29/24 sin(20 t+51/11)+9/20 sin(25 t+142/31)+2/29 sin(26 t+85/28)+9/40 sin(29 t+73/18)+5/27 sin(30 t+47/13)+2/7 sin(31 t+31/11)+7/26 sin(32 t+53/32)+22/87 sin(34 t+93/26)+5/46 sin(35 t+233/70)+3/22 sin(36 t+87/19)+346/27) theta(15 pi-t) theta(t-11 pi)+(-3/35 sin(41/28-14 t)-14/33 sin(40/53-9 t)-38/51 sin(41/47-7 t)-91/11 sin(8/13-3 t)-2058/25 sin(44/35-t)+26/29 sin(2 t+23/9)+41/31 sin(4 t+41/62)+5/4 sin(5 t+1/18)+87/88 sin(6 t+69/53)+17/39 sin(8 t+74/35)+33/98 sin(10 t+113/31)+8/29 sin(11 t+1/176)+17/47 sin(12 t+64/15)+2/15 sin(13 t+208/83)+3/26 sin(15 t+48/17)-3394/23) theta(11 pi-t) theta(t-7 pi)+(-27/37 sin(37/34-7 t)-29/8 sin(3/16-4 t)-77/13 sin(3/31-3 t)-3113/38 sin(44/45-t)+96/11 sin(2 t+159/38)+49/82 sin(5 t+21/8)+73/37 sin(6 t+25/27)+31/33 sin(8 t+59/26)-3567/28) theta(7 pi-t) theta(t-3 pi)+(-11/36 sin(40/27-45 t)-9/19 sin(14/31-41 t)-10/27 sin(31/26-33 t)-8/11 sin(31/24-31 t)-13/10 sin(13/48-29 t)-66/25 sin(48/43-23 t)-29/14 sin(53/66-19 t)-129/34 sin(2/31-14 t)-77/46 sin(15/22-13 t)-47/41 sin(4/15-12 t)-393/38 sin(24/31-7 t)+3862/51 sin(t+146/31)+1101/8 sin(2 t+78/29)+329/22 sin(3 t+67/26)+246/25 sin(4 t+32/13)+596/49 sin(5 t+101/32)+41/10 sin(6 t+31/18)+287/45 sin(8 t+27/35)+172/29 sin(9 t+66/19)+311/40 sin(10 t+143/37)+97/20 sin(11 t+56/29)+160/39 sin(15 t+377/94)+77/25 sin(16 t+31/30)+74/25 sin(17 t+47/17)+15/14 sin(18 t+113/35)+37/20 sin(20 t+23/29)+24/47 sin(21 t+74/27)+28/41 sin(22 t+135/32)+19/20 sin(24 t+199/149)+33/67 sin(25 t+148/43)+47/36 sin(26 t+55/28)+13/10 sin(27 t+71/33)+19/17 sin(28 t+47/11)+25/27 sin(30 t+35/39)+5/18 sin(32 t+6/23)+11/29 sin(34 t+59/19)+23/33 sin(35 t+173/72)+16/31 sin(36 t+67/19)+9/31 sin(37 t+6/29)+7/25 sin(38 t+25/12)+19/31 sin(39 t+135/29)+21/53 sin(40 t+21/34)+1/14 sin(42 t+24/13)+17/32 sin(43 t+35/34)+27/43 sin(44 t+107/31)-9223/25) theta(3 pi-t) theta(t+pi)) theta(sqrt(sgn(sin(t/2))))

Check it out on http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=PSY+curve

Imaginary Decathlon

A breakthrough in the history of the Olympics and of Athletics in particular: the Imaginary Decathlon redefines the barriers of the human kind when it comes to performance. Decathlon National records, World records and Olympic records are under pressure and might become irrelevant under influence of mathematics. Here’s a world shocking new view on one of the most demanding sport disciplines. Decathlon will never be the same…

from 0 to C

Created by Ubi de Feo, “from 0 to C” is a new series of workshops that aim at teaching programming using a more creative and human approach.

Through the use of tangible, hand-made objects, we try to establish a clear understanding of  how a computer works and what a programming language actually is: nothing but an abstraction of what we can do as humans.

Via means of playing with objects we explain the simple mathematics behind a computer way of working and the concepts at the core of every programming languages.

Find out more on http://hellosavants.com/from-0-to-c/

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

This is a dictionary of algorithms, algorithmic techniques, data structures, archetypal problems, and related definitions. Algorithms include common functions, such as Ackermann’s function. Problems include traveling salesman and Byzantine generals. Some entries have links to implementations and more information. Index pages list entries by area and by type. The two-level index has a total download 1/20 as big as this page.

Check it out on http://xlinux.nist.gov/dads/ 

The Greatest Machine That Never Was

The computer was invented in the 30s: not the 1930s, but the 1830s.  British mathematician Charles Babbage designed and prototyped a fully functional mechanical computer he called the Analytical Engine, but it was never completed. Now a team in Britain plans to build the machine for display at London’s Science Museum before the 2030s come around.