Ricoh the largest European ‘facewall’

This evening (2013-03-08) at the Ricoh Netherlands HQ !

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Kinect Fusion Coming to Kinect for Windows

Kinect Fusion was first developed as a research project at the Microsoft Research lab in Cambridge, U.K.  As soon as the Kinect for Windows community saw it, they began asking us to include it in our SDK. Now, I’m happy to report that the Kinect for Windows team is, indeed, working on incorporating it and will have it available in a future release.

Yeah! 🙂

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Gatewing X100

Nice, but I guess a helicopter like the Microdrone UAV or the Falcon looks more stable…


You can download specifications from the Gatewing X100 thanks to M. Vandenbroucke from Gatewing.

Don’t forget to read the comments, he explains also why the Gatewing X100 is better to buy. 😉

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Shoothill Berlin ZeitKarte (TimeMap)

History buffs will now be able to travel back in time to see how Berlin’s landscape has changed over the past century, thanks to a fascinating piece of software which overlays historical maps and landmarks with those of the present day on a live Bing Maps platform.

This TimeMap Berlin contains historic maps of the City of Berlin for the years 1869, 1893, 1926 and 1957. Use the TimeScope to move around the map and the Time Slider to see how the city has changed over time.

Below is a details picture of the TimeScope. You can drag it around and use the 3 sliders (marked in yellow) to change the map. On the right side (picture above) you can zoom directly into some famous Berlin buildings.

Discover how Berlin has changed over time!

Try it!

Looks great! 😀

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