Follow every detail of the Tour de France 2011 with this Map App

Like last year, Bing Maps has a map app with information about Le Tour de France 2011.
Don’t waste your time and go check it out!

Some screenshot:
The last part of the first stage:

Even weather information:

And much more information..

Check it out here!

Links not working?
Just go to and find this icon at the bottom:

Next step is to find the Tour de France map app and just click it:

Have fun! 😉

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Japan before and after the earthquake

We already posted some maps and images from the disaster but now you can use it as a Bing Map App:

There are also other Map Apps showing Earthquake data.
To view the Map Apps go to:

  • on the left side at the bottom click the Map Apps button
  • select a Map App to load


This is the Japan Earthquake Map App (click [ source ] below or the image to view it):

[ source ]