from 0 to C

Created by Ubi de Feo, “from 0 to C” is a new series of workshops that aim at teaching programming using a more creative and human approach.

Through the use of tangible, hand-made objects, we try to establish a clear understanding of  how a computer works and what a programming language actually is: nothing but an abstraction of what we can do as humans.

Via means of playing with objects we explain the simple mathematics behind a computer way of working and the concepts at the core of every programming languages.

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Robot Learns Acrobatics from Cockroach

UC Berkeley researchers discovered that cockroaches and geckos can flip themselves under a ledge. They reproduced the behavior using a robot. Videos part of the paper “Rapid Inversion: Running Animals and Robots Swing like a Pendulum under Ledges,” PLoS One, Jun 6, 2012

Microsoft a social networking site for students

It looks like project Socl/ is finally gone live: (pronounced “social”) is an experimental research project, developed by Microsoft’s FUSE Labs, focused on exploring the possibilities of social search for the purpose of learning.

Great to see that it uses Montage.

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Knotebooks is a supplementary education platform that enables students, teachers and self-learners to effortlessly create and collaborate on customized multimedia physics lessons.

Anyone can contribute. Everyone can learn.

Nice! Something similar what I had in mind for a long time.

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