Robotic two ball juggling

“Two Ball Juggling with High-speed Hand-Arm and High-speed Vision System,” by Takahiro Kizaki and Akio Namiki from the Graduate School of Engineering at Chiba University in Japan.

Japan before and after the earthquake

We already posted some maps and images from the disaster but now you can use it as a Bing Map App:

There are also other Map Apps showing Earthquake data.
To view the Map Apps go to:

  • on the left side at the bottom click the Map Apps button
  • select a Map App to load


This is the Japan Earthquake Map App (click [ source ] below or the image to view it):

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Bing maps updated with new pictures of Japan after the tsunami and earthquake

This message just appeared on Twitter:

A screenshot from Bing maps:

Some images of a deeper zoom level are still not updated. This is the result when comparing two zoom levels…:

Wow.. :s

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