The App Download Tag

Use the new App Download Tag to link users to experiences based on their mobile platform

Now a Tag can be smart, knowing the type of phone that is scanning the Tag and allowing you to intelligently deliver experiences based on mobile platform. App Download Tag is a new type of Tag that can be linked to a specific mobile marketplace or mobile site optimized for the device.

Have a mobile app for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry? Create a App Download Tag that recognizes what kind of device is scanning the Tag and sends the user to the relevant app marketplace. No longer will you need to rely on consumers finding your app through marketplace searches – instead, you can direct them to the exact download location so Tag scanners get the right experience every time.

Have you built a mobile site that uses Flash technology? Direct your iPhone users to a site that is instead optimized for their device, ensuring that they get the best mobile experience possible. Eliminate broken rich media elements on your mobile site – using the App Download Tag will allow you to optimize your mobile experience based on the device capabilities.

One Tag for all. The beauty of App Download Tag is that you can use the same Tag for all mobile platforms. There’s no need to print multiple Tags pointing to different URLs. The App Download Tag will do the work to deliver the right URL for each device.

App Download Tags can be created for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and J2ME platforms. Users can also be sent to a default URL if a specific platform is not indicated


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