Bing Maps UI update

The new Bing Maps UI:

This was the old menu:

Buttons are now at the top.

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Developers: download the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 icons

There are three directories inside the *.zip file: light, dark and vector. Light and dark are *.png files.
The vector file can be imported in Microsoft Expression Blend.

Download the icons.

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Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio 2010 beta 2

A week ago I wrote an email to Mr. Zander, General Manager of the Visual Studio team in the Developer Division, with some questions about the new Visual Studio 2010 (beta 2) version.

My first question was when the release of VS2010 B2 was planned. I received the answer as expected:

At this point I don’t have a published date for beta 2 and I don’t want to speculate.  You’ll see us publish more and more samples / demos etc on the upcoming release so things are progressing well.


The next thing was about Visual Studio 2010 and working in team. Microsoft has a program for this called Visual SourceSafe 2005 (VSS) that is controllable in VS. You can share your project with other developers in your team, submit classes that you worked on, check in, etc… Just like you would do with a normal SVN client.

I binged a while but couldn’t find any newer version of VSS 2005. So I got worried about the version, because ‘2005’ sounds like really old :P. Just don’t freak out if you are still using VSS 2005, it works fine with VS2010 beta 1, but still I was curious. So my next question was: Are there any plans to bring out a new visual sourcesafe version? You never know that they have a new version in mind for Visual Studio 2010.
This is the answer that I got:

On the VSS question, we are not bringing out a new version of the product going forward.  We are putting our main focus on Team Foundation Server (TFS) which not only does source control, but also work item tracking (features & bugs), as well as build support.  Given you are working with the beta of VS2010, I’d recommend giving it a try.  I think we will have a story there you will like as we RTM.

I hope that this information could be useful for you, when you decide to buy the new Visual Studio 2010.

@Mr. Zander: I hope you don’t mind I posted some parts of the email here. 🙂

Something completely different but still VS2010 related and forgotten while developing for Windows 7.
Go to “Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features” and Change your view to “Extra Large Icons“. It would be nice to see a larger or scalable version of the VS2010 icon like the Expression Studio 3 icons.
(@Developers: keep these details in mind, they make your program 99% perfect instead of 98% ;)).

windows 7 control panel large icons



Iconfinder robotWhen developing a program, you sometimes need some icons, even if it’s just for testing purposes until you receive the icons from your graphic designer.

The best site I could find on the web was Iconfinder. Maybe there should be many more icons or icon sets but the way of searching them is so nice! Just specify the pixel size range with a pretty neat slider.

Iconfinder icon size

Just as simple as that!

Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way

Check it out: 😉