IBBT becomes iMinds

IBBT has a new name. We are now called iMinds. Our new name reflects that we need  more than technology to tackle major societal challenges. That’s why our organization relies on world-class researchers and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. iMinds covers it all. By now, ICT is everywhere and touches upon many aspects of our daily lives such as healthcare, culture & media, the environment, mobility and security. We strive for excellence in science and business and support young entrepreneurs in achieving their dream as it is our ambition to create a lasting & positive impact on society through information technology.


IBBT NextGenITS Demo – Cooperative Systems

This is one of the demo’s that I have seen at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology (IBBT). Somebody placed this online a few days ago. 🙂

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) are systems that enable a more efficient and safer traffic through the use of a wide range of diverse technologies.

In the ITS domain, Cooperative Systems are applications that rely on local vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication to increase the “time horizon”, the quality and reliability of information available to the drivers.

In the IBBT NextGenITS project, Cooperative Systems were researched. This film represents the final demonstration of this work that was given at the closing event of the project.

Update: video was down, I found the reuploaded version.

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Microsoft HealthVault

Today I have seen a project in a presentation at IBCN INTEC (IBBT) in Ghent where they were researching IT + Health-care (like: centralizing all your medical data, events and live monitored stats).

I came across this HealthVault. It’s always good to see other projects to get some fresh inspiration.

Here’s an example of a new open-source program that works on this HealthVault system, it’s called Pillbox:

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