HTML5 support for Visual Studio 2010 Editor

Today, a faction of the Web Platform and Tools team, spearheaded by Mads Kristensen, is pleased to announce the Visual Studio Web Standards Update. This adds better support for HTML5, CSS3 and new JavaScript features to ALL versions of Visual Studio.

More info and the download link here.

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An iPad app to have

From the youtube comments:

Everyone who lives outside of the US and can’t get this app, there is a way you can get this.

  1. Open iTunes Store and make sure you’re not logged in.
  2. Go to the bottom of the page, click “Change Country” and then change it to US.
  3. Find the Bing app and try to download it.
  4. Click “Create New Account”.
  5. Do the basic sign-up steps but select “None” from the payment selection and a US address (Any address works, I did it with 1 Infinite Loop)
  6. Enjoy.

Modernizr: a Javascript library to detect emerging web technologies

Modernizr is a small and simple JavaScript library that helps you take advantage of emerging web technologies (CSS3, HTML 5) while still maintaining a fine level of control over older browsers that may not yet support these new technologies.

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