Hotmail Wave 4 update is rolling out today + more

Today Microsoft has started to install the Hotmail Wave 4 update.

This includes many updates for Hotmail but also a better integration inside your Live page.

It’s simple. Go to and see your friends updates, mails, pictures, …

You can also easily adjust your privacy settings, share Word, Excell, Powerpoint documents, integrate Facebook, Netlog, WordPress, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Last.FM, … updates(+- 100 services!)

An example:

One of my friends shared a picture where he is staying now and this is how it looks on my Live overview (

When I clicked on the picture I got a nice slideshow (with several options like Tagging People):

See you on Live 😉

The GMail Killer: A new, safer and more functional Hotmail revealed

Shooting sharp at Google! *hell yeah!*

The new Hotmail should be soon available (probably in June).

update: The new hotmail will allow 10GB of attachments (400 times Gmail capacity) in one email…

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