The Adventures of Optimus 7 and The Giant Squid

Lot’s of ads lately! Here is another one:

Some other LG ads:

Microsoft Tag

Microsoft Tag is out of beta.

I created a tag, now find out where it takes you!

If you want more info about Microsoft Tag and the mobile phone software, check

Could somebody print this out and hang it in some public places? Would be cool 😉 Thanks already!

or with extra info:

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A GPS with augmented reality

We made several posts here about augmented reality because it will be widely spread and it’s the next big thing.

See how amazing this is:

By the way: they are searching test drivers for Wikitude Drive Beta 😉

Check out if you can find your phone on the supported devices list.

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I Love Errors #4

My current mobile phone is a Nokia 3500 classic.

When I was in Germany a while ago I found 2 bugs in the game Sudoku. Today I was checking some data on my hard-disk and I came across some footage from when I encountered the bugs. It’s maybe a few months old but the bugs are still there :P.

It’s the Sudoku game that is originally installed on the mobile phone.

If you want the details:



54.0 kB

01/01/2007 12:00


00 x 00


Bug 1:

The focus of an element can be moved to it’s neighbors.

You can reproduce it easily. Just click your left or right button very fast, just to switch from field to field. If you click for example your left button several times as fast as you can push, you will see that the focus is moving pixel by pixel. Finally if you press some more and faster you can set the focus on (for example) the grid element X2Y2 while the actual input is still on element X1Y2.

Bug 2:

The game freezes and keeps flashing the winning smiley and some other things.

I got this when I did the first bug (the focus was moved to the next grid instead on the original grid) and then I completed the Sudoku correctly. The first thing I saw was the ‘winning-smiley’ but then it kept flashing random stuff. So that was not so normal :P. Pressing the OK button didn’t work (neither the red-icon-phone-button). The only thing that worked was pressing the button on top of the mobile phone for a few seconds so that the mobile phone was turned off.

I didn’t manage to reproduce this bug, I’m sorry 😦

…but still I was smart enough to capture a little movie from from this game going nuts!

Why do I always find such useless but cool things?! 😀