Beamatron is a new, augmented-reality concept that combines a projector and a Kinect camera on a pan-tilt moving head. The moving head is used to place the projected image almost anywhere in a room. Meanwhile, the depth camera enables the correct warping of the displayed image for the shape of the projection surface and for the projected graphics to react in physically appropriate ways. For example, a projected virtual car can be driven on the floor of the room but will bump into obstacles or run over ramps. As another application, we consider the ability to bring notifications and other graphics to the attention of the user by automatically placing the graphics within the user’s view.

Begov Infographic ?!

Any designers in the house?

Nowadays every week you see some infoporn about social networks. Data visualizations of how many users there are now on Facebook and how many there were at the beginning; The amount of data we share every year; The history of Twitter; How much one petabyte is; …

Could somebody visualize this for Belgium:

Who pays who?

I would love to see an infographic of this! Where does all the money go in Belgium? Flanders vs Brussels vs Wallonia?

Maybe your infographic could help the government 😛

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Adobe is busy developing the new CS5 version of Photoshop. Using a new algorithm they will really pwn all other image editing software again.

Just enjoy the movie and prepare for the future in image editing.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is expected for April 2010 (shipping date)


Web Trend Map 4

iA logo

It’s maybe old news for some of you but I found something nice on the informationArchitects website. A web trend map with the leading internet names plotted onto the Tokyo Metro system.

It’s a very large image so hold your horses! 🙂

Web Trend Map 4 final - iA

If you do know some other great IT related posters, don’t hesitate to post them!