Introducing Codename Oslo and Office Graph


Google Transparency Report

This tool provides information about traffic to our services around the world. Each graph shows historic traffic patterns for a given geographical region and service. You may select a region and then choose a service to view each respective graph. Graphs are updated as data is collected, normalised and scaled. By showing outages, this tool visualises disruptions in the free flow of information, whether it’s a government blocking information or a cable being cut.

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The new Bing

Bing introduces a new design, way to search and connect all data. You will now have your core search results, a snapshot area and a sidebar.
They will improve the connection of real object and social entities together with your search results. If you are concerned about your (Facebook) privacy: they also announced at the Bing Search Summit that they respect the Facebook privacy settings and that it is their priority 1, 2, 3 and 4 to protect your privacy.

Some images from the Bing Search Summit webcast:

I just don’t like this “US”-only thing:


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TCP Analyzer

This tool analyzes network traces of TCP connections. Given a Microsoft Network
Monitor trace, the analyzer provides various performance statistics and
visualizations for the captured TCP connection. Included are plots of the
time-sequence graph, round-trip time measurements, and more. The tool also
contains an analysis engine that attempts to explain what the limiting
performance factor of a particular connection was, such as limited physical
bandwidth, network congestion, or a receiver or sender window size that is too
small. The tool helps determine why a particular TCP connection is slow and
enhances understanding of what a connection is doing.

Info and downloads (x86 – x64) can be found here.

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