Advanced Electronics Cooling Technology: GE’s Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ)

GE’s DCJ technology is an advanced cooling solution for the next generation of thinner, quieter and more powerful tablets, laptops and other electronic devices. These devices, as thin as a credit card, are half as thick as conventional cooling fans and use half the energy. And, GE’s technology is quiet, it is virtually inaudible to the ear.

Inspiration: smooth graphics

I found this GE website. Pretty nice graphics and animations. Go designers!

I’m wondering what software they used to create such graphics. Anybody? Tutorials?

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GE’s Omnidirection LED bulb that will last 17 years

The Energy Smart LED bulb does not contain any hazardous substances and will fit into any traditional bulb socket.

GE Fast Forwards to Future of LED Lighting

Unveils unique LED bulb designed to distribute light like an incandescent bulb, last 17 years

About $50 for this energy smart LED bulb. If you only need one light bulb would you pay $50 for it, knowing it lasts ‘forever’?

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