100th Tour de France

More info: http://www.letour.com
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Follow every detail of the Tour de France 2011 with this Map App

Like last year, Bing Maps has a map app with information about Le Tour de France 2011.
Don’t waste your time and go check it out!

Some screenshot:
The last part of the first stage:

Even weather information:

And much more information..

Check it out here!

Links not working?
Just go to www.bing.com/maps/?cc=us and find this icon at the bottom:

Next step is to find the Tour de France map app and just click it:

Have fun! 😉

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Youth in Revolt

I was watching some movies at night with some friends. One of them was Youth in Revolt, and really it s*cks (boring, cheap movie). Fun to watch with some drinks without any brain-activity.

Suddenly we found the most stupid, cheapest but somehow funny quote 😛 :

I’m gonna wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are.

My score for the movie: 2.8/10

Tour de France 2010 Map App

Even with the weather:

Nice details in Birds Eye view:

If you have problems with the app, set your country to United States in the upper right corner. Bing is still in beta in Belgium and France so this will fix it 😉
update: Still having troubles? try again with silverlight 4.xx

Yay, I love this app! 🙂

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