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Rocket Games Pie Face!

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Software Enables Avatar to Reproduce Our Emotion in Real Time

A virtual character produces the same facial expressions as its user. It makes a video game, chat, or an animated film both fun and fast. Faceshift, an EPFL spin-off, launches its software on the market today.

High-Fidelity Facial-Animation Capturing

High-Fidelity Facial-Animation Capturing presents a new approach for acquiring high-fidelity, 3-D facial performances with realistic dynamic wrinkles and finely scaled facial details. This approach leverages state-of-the-art motion-capture technology and advanced 3-D scanning technology for facial-performance acquisition.

Facebook face recognition

I just went to a picture on Facebook without tags and hovered with my mouse on the picture. When I moved my mouse in the direction of a face, it automatically recognized that it was a person. Did not need to click the “Tag this picture” link first.

I have not seen this before… New feature?