Try F# website updated

try f#

Check out the new Try F# website and give it a go at !

Leave a comment if you have already started using F# and explain why (or why not).

ActiveMesa MathSharp: convert your math to code

Have you ever had to convert a formula in a Word document to code? Ever wished that it could somehow be automated? With MathSharp, this is possible!


MathSharp is a program for automatic conversion of math equations from MathML (produced by programs such as Word or MathType) into code in languages such as C# or F#.

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Microsoft Research launches Try F#

About Try F#

The goal of the Try F# site and application is to make it simple, fast, and easy for people to try out the F# language.

Try F# enables the .NET language F# to be used in a browser-based development environment, thus making it accessible to   programmers across all operating systems (PC, Mac and Linux).

Try F# is a collaboration between MSR Cambridge (F# team), MSR Connections (the Computer Science and Engineering teams),   the Visual Studio Developer Division (F#), with help and inspiration from the Microsoft Research-RiSE Group (Pex4Fun team).

Some screenshots from the very cool online editor/console:

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