Falcon Eye KC-2000: color night vision

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Human Eye Inspires Clog-free Ink Jet Printer Invented by MU Researcher

Clogged printer nozzles waste time and money while reducing print quality. University of Missouri engineers recently invented a clog-preventing nozzle cover by mimicking the human eye. This video is a microscopic view of the nozzle operating.

Find out more on: http://munews.missouri.edu/news-releases/2012/0716-human-eye-inspires-clog-free-ink-jet-printer-invented-by-mu-researcher/

The Boeing Phantom Eye

Boeing’s Phantom Eye is an unmanned airborne vehicle (UAV) that serves as an eye in the sky for surveillance, disaster relief, search and rescue, and a multitude of other uses. Program manager Drew Mallow talks about the innovations that made it possible.

Find out more on http://boeing.mediaroom.com/index.php?s=43&item=2276