Try F# website updated

try f#

Check out the new Try F# website and give it a go at !

Leave a comment if you have already started using F# and explain why (or why not).

Wikiweb: A Delightful Wikipedia Reader

A delightful Wikipedia reader that visualizes the connections between articles.

No windows app (yet?) available.

Find out more on

Microsoft ChronoZoom: Big History with Big Data

There are thousands of digital libraries, archives, collections and repositories and no easy way to find these datasets for teaching, learning and research.  To truly bridge humanities and sciences and pull them out of their silos we need a dynamic cloud based data visualization tool where educators, researchers and students can easily consume, compare and understand the history of the cosmos, earth, life and humanity.  Where they can easily consume rich media sets like: audio, video, text, pdfs, charts, graphs and articles in one place and discover new possibilities.

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