What most schools don’t teach

Find out more at http://www.code.org/

Try F# website updated

try f#

Check out the new Try F# website and give it a go at http://www.tryfsharp.org/ !

Leave a comment if you have already started using F# and explain why (or why not).

Free tools in the classroom

Download the teacher’s guide.

Microsoft Interactive Classroom: an add-in for PowerPoint and OneNote. (See video)

Microsoft Mouse Mischief: letting you insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your lessons. Students can actively participate in these lessons by using their own mice to click, circle, cross out, or draw answers on the screen

Education templates for Office. (i.e. Math and science tables)

Extra information on Microsoft Partners in Learning (MPiL).

Prepare yourself and your classroom! 😉


Flashcards: memory optimization

Flashcards is a Silverlight web application where you can create, share, and study online flashcards.  Find a deck in the community, or create your own.  Decks can have up to 300 cards, and each card can have any combination of text, image, and sound on the front and the back.  Start with Review mode if you don’t know the content at all.  Otherwise, skip ahead to Study or Type It In modes.  Study mode is based on the honor system, and Type It In checks the correct answer with what you typed in.  Want a challenge?  Try swapping fronts and backs then studying again.

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