Ricoh Print&Share: save time and money


Print&Share is a multi-functional, multi-channeled and intelligent virtual printer driver with many useful tools.

These videos below show how you can save a lot of money (and time) by using the Eco features of Print&Share. The application can automatically remove white spaces in documents or recognize blocks of content that you want to remove.

Removing white space from documents:

Dynamically remove content:

More videos available at:

This application allows you also to extract information from documents and save them as XML, set recognition triggers, upload to FTP, email, FAX, create PDF/A documents, add watermarks/barcodes/text/images/.., insert extra pages, …

A must-have, unique application that has an incredible amount of features.

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Hopper: a new way of transport in Amsterdam


Op een elektrische scooter mét chauffeur, voor een vaste prijs van €2,50 per rit, wordt de klant naar zijn eindbestemming vervoerd. De dienst Hopper is per 1 oktober beschikbaar in Amsterdam. Zie ook of bel 0900-8890.

Gas nozzle dripping problem solved

When fuel consumers are finished pumping gas, a number of fuel drops fall to the ground. Globally, these drops amount to roughly half a billion litres of fuel which is unnecessarily evaporated into our atmosphere each year. We at DRAM Innovations have developed a method to retaining and recycling this wasted fuel.

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Ecosia relaunched

In case you didn’ see it: search engine Ecosia has been relaunched.

Now supporting more features from search engine Bing. Even Bing Maps can be used in Ecosia now.

The search engine generated already more than 160,000 USD this year to support the Rainforest.

Happy searching!

(P.S. has also moved to Bing Maps. (more info))

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