The International Monitoring System

The CTBTO network:

The Infrasound Network:

The CTBTO uses infrasound stations to monitor the Earth mainly for atmospheric explosions.

The Radionuclide Network:

The CTBTO uses radionuclide monitoring to detect radioactive particles and noble gases (ie xenon) in the atmosphere.

The Hydroacoustic Network:

The Seismic Network:

CTBTO Tracks Fukushima’s Radioactive Release:







Most incredible volcano expedition ever (2012)

Geoff Mackley, Bradley Ambrose, Nathan Berg, after an epic struggle with the weather for 35 days, we became the first people ever to get this close to Marum Volcano’s famed lava lake on Ambrym Island, Vanuatu. Coming within 30 metres of the lava lake down a watercourse, it was possible to stand the heat for only 6 seconds. With Fire Brigade breathing apparatus and heat proof proximity suit it was possible to stand on the very edge and view the incredible show for over 40 minutes.