I just cleaned the Nespresso machine and made me a Nespresso Caramel coffee.
Damn,… it smells so good and the taste is so great!

If you think your Senseo coffee is great, well try a Nespresso and you will be blown away.

After drinking a good Nespresso you will be glad that you didn’t had to drink such a terrible, chemical foam layer on your coffee like when it’s made with a Senseo machine. 😉

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Koffie Met Plets

A friend launched a location aware website that helps you find the perfect coffee (Koffie – dutch) in Ghent, Belgium

Here is their own explanation of Koffie Met Plets:

It’s not a secret that IT people and a caffeine addiction go together very well. But what happens if those people leave their workstations for a change, and get out in the sun in the city they love?

Marc Wojciechowski (aka Plets), Jared Dierickx and Jurriaan Persyn, 3 friends, colleagues and locals have been discovering coffee bars in and around Ghent for the last couple of months. You could call it a mission, but actually it’s about having fun and enjoying life with a cup of coffee.
The hobby soon took a more material form, and as of today you can follow their paths online. Explore the wealth of fine roasts the city has to offer on

The website gives an overview of 25 already visited and rated spots in Ghent where they serve good coffee – or at least claim to serve good coffee. The espressos, cappuccinos and lattes were tasted and judged.
Now, being geeks, the trio sneaked in a lot of fancy things like time and location awareness, integration with Google Maps and social services like Twitter. You can see which bar is currently open and, if you’re using a modern browser or if you’re on a location aware mobile device like an Android phone or iPhone, the site gives you a sorted list of the closest and best rated bars. Just follow the directions and you’re set for the much needed caffeine shot.

Off course the journey isn’t finished yet, as there are plenty more coffee shops to visit. You can contribute as well and suggest a spot for the to do list.

Some random screenshots from the website:

Are you on the go? Don’t worry, the website has been optimized:

Even looks good on the iPad:

Give it some love and spread the word 😉

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