Windows 7, you just made my day

Short history: I have some memory card slots in my laptop and the drivers never worked. Not in Windows XP, Vista or 7. Suddenly I received an alert from the Action Center telling me that there is an old driver available that has been updated.

action center windows 7


So I downloaded this driver just by clicking the link (didn’t have to search in the jungle of Acer drivers on their site).

thanks windows 7

And here is the result:

thanks windows 7 p2


thanks windows 7 p3

Thanks Windows 7! Without this automatic check I would never have known that there was an old updated driver version available.

I really tried all drivers available for my laptop and they never worked or were not compatible. So I gave up on this and said to myself “ah, not so bad it’s only one memory card slot that doesn’t work”. But hey! now it works (after 4 years?) :D  😀

P.S.: Thanks Acer for fixing and updating that old driver 😉