3D printer and living “ink” create cartilage

Lawrence Bonassar, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, describes a cutting-edge process he has developed in which he uses a 3D Printer and “ink” composed of living cells to create body parts such as ears.


Painting Solar Cells with Nanoparticle Paste

Researchers at Notre Dame have developed a solar cell that is remarkably easy to assemble because the middle layer can be painted onto a clear electrode.  First, they mix t-butanol, water, cadmium sulfide and titanium dioxide for 30 minutes. Next, they mask off a clear electrode with office tape. Once the tape is in place, they spread the mixture onto the electode and then anneal it with a heat gun.  Finally, they sandwich an electrolyte solution between the new electrode and a graphene composite electrode.  And then, it’s time for testing under a beam of artificial light.

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