Bing Maps Preview App

The Bing Maps Preview app uses the best of Windows 8.1 and Bing to help you get real world tasks done with beautiful 3D, designed for touch and personalization courtesy of your Facebook friends, favorite routes and more.

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Bing Mapplications [UPDATE]

Bing Maps is back with great news. The most important updates:

Bing Enhanced birds-eye views. Photosynth integration. The ability to take it Streetside. Long story short, there’s a whole bunch of new stuff coming to Bing Maps, and we want you to try it out. And here’s the word of the day: “Mapplications.”

New term: mapplications. Not bad 🙂

Bing Maps Silverlight:

Bing Map Apps (Mapplications):

(click where I have drawn the arrow in the silverlight version)

Bing Mobile:

Check the source for more screenshots and extra info!

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UPDATE: Bing Map Apps screenshot added.

Bing Maps update

You may have noticed that Bing Maps was down yesterday (10/11).
The reason for this is simple: a new version of Bing Maps was placed online. A brand new interface, look and feel, features, etc…

Some highlights:

A new interface:

A new clean and easy to understand menu. The menu may be different from country to country. Some cities will have already a Tube map or Traffic function, others are still in beta (or don’t have tubes :P). menu

Tube map (underground) in London:

Explore Wikipedia! yay! 😀

User contributions from Wikipedia and list with other tags:

Results from other users:

Sorry for the low resolution images. I’m having internet connection problems and uploading ‘big’ files results in time-outs 😉

As you can see they made a huge step forward with this Bing Maps update. I like the fact that they are using other sources like Wikipedia to make it more attractive!

More information in the Bing blog post about the new features.

By the way: if you live in a country where Bing is still beta, but you want to explore the new features, just set your country to United Kingdom or United States in the upper right corner. (They should really get Bing out of beta in Belgium!)

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Update: added a screenshot “Results from other users”.