The Greatest Machine That Never Was

The computer was invented in the 30s: not the 1930s, but the 1830s.  British mathematician Charles Babbage designed and prototyped a fully functional mechanical computer he called the Analytical Engine, but it was never completed. Now a team in Britain plans to build the machine for display at London’s Science Museum before the 2030s come around.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing has updated their Webmaster Tools. You need to have Silverlight version 4 installed to view the changes.

This big improvement looks good and reveals better crawling statistics from the Bing search engine (bingbot/msnbot) that Google Analytics ignores in most cases. I have checked the same site with Google Analytics (GA) and with the Bing Webmaster Tools (BWT). GA indicated that the only traffic to my site came from Google, Baidu and Yahoo! – and some others. However when I checked the BWT it showed me huge amounts of traffic from Bing. Somebody is ignoring the competition… 🙂

Some screenshots from the new Bing Webmaster Tools:

They serve the basic statistics from Bing but I guess the tools will be extended in the (near) future with some extra features .

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Google Analytics update

Today I saw on my Google analytics dashboard a new drop down menu giving my the possibilities to create annotations. It’s useful if you have a high peak or drop down that you can comment it like “hey server went down” or “got posted on the CNN front page” etc…

I have only seen it on 1 of my accounts so maybe they are still rolling out this update to other accounts. If you don’t see it, just wait I guess 😉

Clicky Web Analytics

I think I have found myself a good tool to keep an eye on my website.

I recently discovered Clicky Web Analytics, it’s a website like google analytics.

To coolest feature, imo, is the ‘Spy’ option:

A popup is shown on the map. This is because someone just went to my website and he or she is looking at the index page ( ‘/’ ). If the user navigates to another page on your website it will be updated on the map.

Imagine that you have a website with many visitors. Must be wonderful to see little dots fade in or fade out from all over the world as users visit your website or leave it. Lovely feature!

Another advantage about Clicky Web Analytics is that it can report all your twitter-username, tag, … mentions!

Why do I prefer it over google analytics? Well it’s actually live and it has more options/features. I can even follow 1 single IP that visited my site, give that IP a name and really follow that person (or bot).

It’s good if you like to know and track down the surfing behavior from a single visitor.

Give it a try. If you want to continue using the options like Spy etc.. you need it upgrade to a Pro version. the costs are really worth it (if you are serious about the web). Websites like the famous Smashing Magazine, Mashable, CenterNetworks, etc.. are using the Pro version.

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