Cybercriminals Phishing for Email Accounts using SMS

Just wondering…

Here some personal findings and thoughts, not proven by statistical or mathematical numbers but just out of my own experience (I feel like ‘data driven’ now :P) :

I see so many people creating accounts on various types of websites.

When I check some – random, sometimes unknown to me in real life – people, I see that most of them just created an account to a specific website because a friend, idol or a competitive person had such an account. My guess is that this is the most important factor: ‘because an/that other person gained popularity by using that site‘.

I think that it is in most cases not because the person actually found a website that he/she really needed, no I believe it has something to do with being ‘cool‘, ‘the first‘, ‘not being left behind‘, ‘trend setter‘, ‘a personal battle and competing with other people‘, etc…

When you follow some people and visit the accounts they have (could be found easily on their blogs, or personal websites showing where they are active) and check the activity of their accounts on these websites you found, you might be surprised how little they are being used. Most of the accounts are being created or are actively being used only when these websites are ‘popular’ on media (tv, radio, …) or being praised by users of social networks i.e. facebook and twitter. Strange that so much people actually forget about their accounts after – I’m guessing – a month or three.

Note: I’m not saying everybody(!).


Some questions I ask myself about these people:

Why do you need to have so many accounts on websites?

Why don’t you use them anymore? (Why did you created an account in the first place on ‘that’ website?)

Where is your loyalty to a website? (Why are you not loyal to ‘your’ site, you decided to create an account, so ‘what’ made you decide to put that account somewhere far away in a dusty closet?)

Note: I’m not talking about i.e. developers who are creating accounts to see the trends because their need to be competitive for their business or their boss.


A quick (but not complete) checklist:

So, do you still use your…

  • facebook
  • myspace
  • soundclound
  • hyves
  • netlog
  • studivz
  • shelfari
  • flickr
  • twitter
  • wordpress
  • blogspot
  • youtube
  • gmail
  • hotmail
  • dropbox
  • digg
  • reddit
  • stackoverflow
  • wikipedia
  • tumblr
  • vimeo
  • scribd