A Gift for the Hackers – Netherlands

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See also: http://www.canvas.be/programmas/panorama/server11668bf33:136e8606961:-6fa4 (in Dutch)

Update 1 (22/01/2013):
This is a reaction from Ricoh. It’s good to see that they take this seriously.
Other companies should follow their example!

Dutch version:

English translation:

Holding statement

While most businesses are advanced in the security of their IT networks, computers and physical security, they have not given their document workflows the same attention.

It is important to ensure that a business’s document management assets are managed as an integral part of an organisations overall information management and security strategy.  

By optimising their document processes they can dramatically reduce security risks, and also improve knowledge sharing, customer response times, environmental footprints and business agility.

Ricoh has been raising awareness of the importance of effective document security strategies through its own communications and partnerships.  We also welcome the investigation by the “Reporter” to further enhance awareness of security risks for technology users.

Preventative measures are likely to cost less than potential costs or fines for compliance breaches and leaks that may damage the reputation of their brand. A global analyst firm estimates these can be at least 10 times the cost of investing in preventative measures.

Ricoh provides a fully managed document process service, which can include security optimisation and advises users about security, particularly at the time of delivery and installation. Specific advice relates to replacing default passwords with self-chosen combinations.  In addition we advise clients to check their servers. If an organisation decides to enable internet connection (it will never happen automatically) and equipment is protected but the server is open, the printing device is also accessible.

Where a business chooses to manage its own process, we have ensured our devices include a comprehensive range of security features, are certified by the Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) and are compliant with IEEE2600, the international standard for security functions.

For more detailed information, please contact us for further detailed information.


Bing Webmaster Tools gets a Metro redesign and new features

Again, a very clean update/upgrade. Something you should check out!

Find out more on:

PowerShell: List all folders where access is denied

I just needed a list with all folders I couldn’t access.

Here is the PowerShell script (you may have to change the directory C:\app):

get-childitem -recurse 'C:\app' -ea silentlycontinue -ErrorVariable +errors | Out-Null
$errors | Foreach-Object { Write-Host $_ }

If you want to see everything in your PowerShell console, remove the | Out-Null.

This is a possible output from the script:

Access to the path 'C:\app\pfile' is denied. 
Access to the path 'C:\app\adump' is denied. 
Access to the path 'C:\app\diag' is denied.

Enjoy 😉

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